HOPE Now, Inc is a non-profit organization helping Lake Eyasi Girls Vocational Training Center, Lake Eyasi – Tanzania – Africa

Your donation means hope for a better life to these girls


  • Make a donation with a credit card or Paypal
  • Make a cash donation by mailing a check to: HOPE NOW Inc, 4081 Roma Rd, Kingman, AZ 86401
  • Sponsor a girl for a two year program


All the girls come from poor families and do not have any support from their families. The main focus of sponsoring a girl is so the girl’s education is uninterrupted for this two year program.  She will attend the vocational training school to gain skills and to meet a higher level of education.  Not only can she learn a vocational skill but has the opportunity to study qualified test programs which will enable her to sit for the National Examination as a second chance for her to continue her dreams.


This scholarship includes: lodging, bedding, food (3 meals a day), utensils, medical checkup, school supplies, toiletry items, school uniforms, day-to-day clothing and education trip.


  1. Mail a check made out to HOPE Now, Inc and mail to Cindy Vawter, 4081 Roma Rd, Kingman, AZ 86401
  2. Choose a girl from the girls shown below and write her name on your check

Sophia Kako is 17 years old. She is an orphan, her mom passed away when she was in primary school and she has her younger brother.

She finished primary school in 2014 and is living with her grandmother and her younger brother but she didn’t pass primary school to join the secondary school.  Sophia came to ask for scholarship for her to achieve her goal of being a dress maker which will help her life and to support her grandmother and her young brother in future. She would like to learn sewing and further her education.

 Sophia Kato


Eliza is the first born at her home and she lives with her mother, grandmother, her younger sister and younger brother. She is 16 years old and completed primary school in 2015 but did not perform to join secondary school and her mother was not able to support her in any way so she came and asked a chance of getting sponsored at LEGVTC. She wants to be a fashion designer in the future.



Theresa John is 20 years old. She dropped out of school in form three at secondary level education in 2013 and her child now is 4 years old. She came and asked for support for her education at LEGVTC and now she is taking secondary subjects in order for her to do secondary national exams again as a second chance and her desire is to be a Nurse when she will pass her secondary exams.

 Theresa John

Fauzia Omari is 19 years old.  She is the third born to the fourth wife of Omari. Her father is very old and cannot work at all. She got pregnant when she was first year of secondary school at 16 years old in 2013. Now she joined the LEGVTC for the sewing and knitting courses.

Fauzia Omari

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